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Collagen + Peptides Moisturizer Plumping Body Cream

Collagen + Peptides Moisturizer Plumping Body Cream

Body treatment cream 15 FL OZ

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An uplifting treatment for more resilient skin.

Collagen and a collagen-boosting peptide are your wrinkle-fighting dream team. These two ingredients combined are a true power couple.

Our collagen helps trap moisture on your skin for all-over hydration. Peptides stimulate collagen production for a plumping boost.

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Plump + lift

Wrinkles can happen all over your body, including fine lines, accordion wrinkles on the chest, and crepey skin on your arms and knees. That’s why we designed this all-over body treatment to firm skin wherever you need it. Peptides are like anti-aging messengers. They send signals to your skin to stimulate collagen production. And boosted collagen helps make your skin thicker, which helps hide imperfections and makes your skin smoother and firmer.

Massage onto skin daily, focusing on the areas you want to restore.

For external use only. If irritation develops, discontinue use.


Firms skin and gives all-over hydration

Shea Butter

Moisturizes and softens

Collagen-boosting peptides

Stimulates collagen production

What’s in it?

Vegan Collagen (anti-aging), Peptides (Support Collagen), Shea Butter (moisturizer), Aloe Vera (soothing), Quinoa (protein), Carrot (antioxidant), Vitamin E (soothing), Ginseng (invigorating), Apple (hydrating), Sunflower (softening), Rice Bran (antioxidant)

Always free from 

Parabens, alcohols, animal-derived ingredients, PEGs, formaldehyde, sulfates, dyes, triclosan, propylene glycol, mineral oil and talc

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